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Here is what our customers are saying about the new Quick Start to Mindfulness Meditation CD:

Amazing! These mindfulness meditation techniques really work. I have never experienced such deep stillness before.”

Todd B.

The best meditation CD I’ve found! I always thought that I needed to calm my mind before I learned how to meditate. After listening to this CD, I realized that it’s the meditation that calms my mind.

I never realized there were any techniques to meditation. Everything else that I read about meditation talked about how great it is for you, but didn’t explain how to actually do it. What I love about this CD is that it explains the techniques, and shows you how to use them through the guided meditations.

I also love the suggestions that Charles gives for my daily practice. I found them really helpful. And like the previous reviewer, I noticed a big difference within the first week after following the suggestions. I am much more calm, and most things just don’t bother me the way they used to. Now I can see the real power of meditation.”

Gracie, Greensboro, NC

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Great for both beginners and experienced meditators! This is exactly what I was looking for. Even though I have a lot of experience meditating, I found this CD extremely helpful.

Unlike other CDs and books, the Quick Start to Mindfulness Meditation gave me the basic meditation techniques I needed to get the most from my practice. I love the way it explained the techniques in a clear and simple way, and then showed me how to use them through the guided meditations.

I also love Charles’ soothing voice during the meditations. It really helped my mind settle down quickly. And the deep sound of the bell was absolutely mesmerizing.

I highly recommend this CD to anyone serious about meditating. If you’re new to meditation, it’ll save you years of trying to figure it out on your own. If you already have experience, it’ll help you progress much faster. I noticed a huge difference in the first week of using the CD. I am more calm and serene, even in traffic and the checkout line at the store.”

Darby, Raleigh, NC

“Great job, Charles! Your instructions are clear and easy to follow. It sounds very professional. And the bell… it’s mesmerizing. It really brings my mind into focus each time I hear it—no matter how much my mind is racing. As a beginner, this is exactly what I needed. I’m impressed!”

Steve Rivera, Raleigh, NC

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“I love it! I really like the instructions. They’re simple and easy to understand. I never realized that proper meditation techniques were so straightforward. Why are all the other CDs and books so complicated? I also love the bell. It’s very calming. Thanks Charles!”

Bill Lewis, Raleigh, NC

“I’ve listened to the CD twice and like it very much. It is very similar to things I do. I’ve already recommended it to a friend, and would recommend it to anyone looking for different meditation experiences with new ideas—and to people new to meditation.”

Jim Geary, Miami, FL

Charles Francis is a great teacher. The instruction given is simple and straightforward, and the teacher’s voice and delivery are soothing. You will quickly settle in when listening to this guided meditation, get your new practice going or deepen your current meditation practice.”

Robin Hammond, Raleigh, NC

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